I don’t like this part. It feels contrived. Am I supposed to tell you the things I’m proud of? If so, here’s the shortlist:

  • I never let apathy win, despite having a close relationship with it.
  • I traveled around Europe and Mexico when I was 19 and 20.
  • I forced myself to learn Spanish (my Mexican father’s first language) by immersion.
  • I left home (California) by myself when I was 22, with little money and no support. I started a life thousands of miles away.
  • I decided to ditch alcohol and I’ve been sober since 2012.
  • I faced 9 miscarriages on my quest to become a mother. I embraced the darkness and not-knowing of that path, and now my husband and I have two beautiful sons, 8 years apart.
  • I have a BA (Religious Studies, Naropa University) and an MA (Counseling Psychology and Art Therapy, Adler University).
  • I’m an artist! I am very proud of the projects I’ve worked on, in 2017 I started a greeting card business.
  • I have a complete draft of my memoir, and right now my focus is on building my audience, per the advice of a publishing industry professional.
  • I never lost my compassion for human beings despite what others have done to me.


  • I love to eat.
  • I want to see the Aurora Borealis before I die.
  • My arms are long.
  • I have nine animals: One enormous Staffordshire Terrier named Mango, three cats named Boots, Mochi, and JellyBean, and five chickens who live in our bathroom, much to my chagrin (but soon to be moved to the outdoor coop!)


  • I have late-diagnosed ADHD. I am working on improving my executive function! This means, however, that I am often extremely disorganized and not great at responding to things in a timely manner.
  • I consider myself to be mentally ill, partly because I believe in breaking stigma, and partly because, well, it’s just true. To know me is to know someone who is self-aware to a frightening degree. You will also likely be perplexed by my periodic dysfunction.
  • I’m not an instagrammy person. I will never try to portray myself as polished. I have wonderful attributes, sure, but I also struggle mightily against my own mind.